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Sometimes known as ‘the queen of flowers’, roses are loved around the world for their perfect shape, colour and fragrance, and are also the official prefectural flower of Ibaraki.
There are said to be around 30,000 different varieties of rose but these can be divided in eight overall categories, one of which is the Rugosa or Japanese rose. Ibaraki’s Pacific coast is the southernmost point at which this variety of rose can be found and there are around 1600 Rugosa Roses in Hitachi Seaside Park. As well as Rugosa Roses, the Hitachi Seaside Park also features 3400 roses of other varieties. Thanks to the different varieties, roses in the park can be enjoyed every year in both early Summer and late Autumn.

about 120
Total number of plants
about 3,400 plants (including 1,600 Rugusa roses)
mid-May – early June, early to mid-November
Hitachi Rose Garden