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The rose is Ibaraki’s prefectural flower and roses are loved by people all over the world because of their beautifulness, since their shape, color and flagrance are deserved to be called the queen of flowers. Today, the total number of rose species that are grown by people is said to be over 30,000, of which ancestors are originally eight rose species. One of them is the rugosa rose. The rugosa rose is called hamanasu in Japanese and Ibaraki Prefecture is its southern limit of wild growth areas along the Pacific Ocean and this park grows 1,600 rugosa roses. Other roses grown here are 3,400 plants in 120 varieties, and some of them bear beautiful flowers in both early summer and late autumn.

Number of varieties
about 120
Total number
about 3,400 plants (including 1,600 ragusa roses)
from mid-May to early June and from early to middle of November
Hitachi Rose Garden