Boraginaceae / nemophila

Nemophila, an annual herb, is native to north America and called Rurikarakusa in Japanese. Nemophila is 20 cm tall and each flower is 2 to 3 cm in diameter. Usually the small flowers are planted for a supporting role in a garden. However, in this park the blue flowers cover the entire hill, creating a special view with the sky and the ocean.

Area size
about 3.5 ha
Total plant number
4.5 million
mid-April to early May
Miharashi no Oka

Q&A about nemophila

What is the name from taken from?

Nemophila is a combined word with nemos (small forests) and phileo (love) from Greece. The flowers are named after the original character that nemophila originally grow around a forest. This park grow the “insignis blue” variety and they are called baby blue eyes in English.

How do you grow the flowers?

In November, after getting rid of kochia plants and cultivating the land they sprinkle nemophila seeds and cover the land to protect the shoots from coldness. When it gets warmer, they water, weed and do other necessary words. Finally, the hill will be at their glory, creating a blue world.