Exclusive cycling course spanning about 11 km. To travel around the huge park, using a bike is convenient and refreshing, when you actively explore the woods and seaside areas.

Cycling Course


Rental Bike Fees


Basic Fees(up to 3 hours) 400 yen
Overtime(every 30 minutes) 50 yen
One-day bike rental(not available during high seasons) 500 yen


Basic Fees(up to 3 hours) 400 yen
Overtime(every 30 minutes) 20 yen
One-day bike rental(not available during high seasons) 300 yen

Electric Bikes

Basic Fees(up to 3 hours) 600 yen
Overtime(every 30 minutes) 100 yen
  • Rental Bikes can be used from 09:30 to 30 minutes before park closing hour. You can get rental bikes one hour before the park closing hour. (The closing hour will vary according to seasons.)
  • You can bring in your bikes and ride them for free on the cycling course.
  • You have to pay a two-person fee to rent a tandem bike (for two persons).
  • One-day bike rental is available except for high-seasons.


  • According to bike types, there are some regulations on your height and weight for your safety.
  • You can ride a bike only on cycling courses and do not enter on the courses when you don’t do cycling. Also, you need to park the bikes in bicycle parking lots.
  • You need to lock your bike when leaving the parking lot.
  • Each rental bike has its register number on the front basket. Do not use the wrong bike.
  • You need to return your rental bike to the same cycling center as your rented it.
  • Please follow the rules such as no passing, no running side by side, no alcohol, no overloading.
  • No over speeding, no competing other cyclists on the course.
  • There are no battery charging services for your own bikes brought into the park.

For Visitors with Children

  • When you get on and off the bike while using a bike with a child seat, please hold your child tightly on your arms. Do not leave your child on the bike when you are off the bike.
  • Children need to wear helmets.
  • No walking on the cycling course. Do not walk there even if you walk with your child boarding the bike side by side.
  • Practicing bike riding on the course is not allowed.

To Visitors with pets

  • Do not walk or run your pets on the cycling course.
  • Do not ride your bike with having your pets put in the bike basket.
  • Having your pets on the bike with you by using your own carry-bags, cases, or slings and the like is not allowed.

Bicycles brouhgt-in

  • Child bicycles without pedals are not allowed to enter the cycling courses or the BMX course.
  • Under the supervision of adults responsible for children, the children can use their no-pedal bikes and bikes with training wheels in the park paths.
  • The following bikes can be brought in the park: bikes with pedals such as sport bikes, city bikes, compact-size bikes, practical bikes and child bikes.
  • E-bikes and electric-power assisted bikes can be brought in the park.
  • Specific bikes can be brought in only when they satisfy the requirements below.
    • 1. Bikes with brakes.
    • 2. The size with 230 cm in total length and 70 cm wide or smaller.
    • 3. Mountain bikes, road racers, BMX bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bicycles, camping bikes, three-wheel bikes (not for children)