BBQ Plaza


Thank you for using the BBQ Plaza. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, reservations will be accepted as follows.
Please note that all BBQ sites will be closed from April 10 (Sat) to May 9 (Sun).

  • Sites A1 and C will be closed.
  • For reservations exceeding the maximum capacity for site A2 (about 6 people) and site B (about 6 people), please reserve the required number of sites according to the approximate capacity indicated.
  • To prevent the spread of Covid-19, please bring your own iron plates, grill nets, etc. if possible.

Reservations are accepted only by phone.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this precaution to ensure safe use of the BBQ Plaza.


The BBQ Plaza of the Hitachi Seaside Park is the best spot in the park, located near the “Seabreeze Entrance” gate which is the closest gate to the sea in the park, and shaded by the 12,600 m² pine forest.
Please come and enjoy outdoor cooking in the pine forest, amid the refreshing sea breeze, with family, friends, or for workplace recreation.

Access to BBQ Plaza


バーベキュー施設予約 Webサイトでのお申込み

  • 24時間入力できます。
  • 利用日、お名前、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス、利用人数、車の台数等を入力ください。ご利用当日は予約完了時に発行される受付番号をご提示ください。
  • ※ご利用バーベキューサイトのご連絡
  • バーベキューご利用日の1週間前までにメールにてご案内します。お申込み日からバーベキューご利用日が1週間以内でのお申込みの場合はご利用テーブル番号が確定次第、メールにてご案内します。



Phone Reservations for Reserving BBQ Plaza Facility

  • Reservation Tel.: 029-265-9002 [Seabreeze Entrance/Kaze no Gate]
  • Office hours for reservations: 9:30 to 1 hour before closing time of the park
    Until 16:00 for 3/1 to 7/20 and 9/1 to 10/31
    Until 17:00 for 7/21 to 8/31
    Until 15:30 for 11/1 to February end
  • When receiving your reservation, we will ask for information such as date of use, name of representative, address, telephone number, number of guests, number of cars, etc.
  • After accepting your reservation, we will send a “reservation slip” to the representative. Please check the contents of the slip and bring it on the day of the BBQ.
  • Phone reservations are not accepted on days when the park is closed.
    * Reservations can only be made on days when the park is open. (Park opening days)


Available Hours

From 9:30 am to 1 hour before the closing time of the park. The closing time varies according to the season.
When using the BBQ Plaza, please enter from the Seabreeze Entrance Parking or Seabreeze Entrance/Kaze no Gate.

March 1 to July 20
September 1 to October 31
9:30 to 16:00
July 21 to August 31 9:30 to 17:00
November 1 to February end 9:30 to 15:30


BBQ Site Facilities

There are four types of BBQ sites, in 27 locations surrounded by the pine forest. Please make your reservation according to your purpose of use.

Type A1

Table number Nos. 1 to 10 (10 locations in total)
Purpose of use Charcoal fire site
Number of guests (approximate) 15 people or less/1 location
Available facilities/equipment Cooking stove, iron plate, table, bench

Type A2

Table number Nos. 11 to 20 (10 locations in total)
Purpose of use Charcoal fire site
Number of guests (approximate) 6 people or less/1 location
Available facilities/equipment Cooking stove, iron plate, table, bench

Type B

Table number B1 to B6 (6 locations in total)
Purpose of use Bring-your-own site (portable cassette stove, etc.)
Number of guests (approximate) 6 people or less/1 location
Available facilities/equipment Tables and benches (no iron plates available for rent, no cooking stove provided)

Type C1, C2

Table number C covered area (1 location)
Purpose of use Group-only site (15 people x 4 locations can be reserved if there is a vacancy 2 weeks prior to the reservation date)
Number of guests (approximate) 50 to 60 people
Available facilities/equipment Cooking stove, iron plate, table, bench


Click here for the route to the BBQ Plaza and table layout (PDF)

Free rental and sale items

  • After completing your registration at the Seabreeze Entrance/Kaze no Gate, you will receive a key for the on-site locker labeled with the BBQ site number (one iron plate is provided in the locker at the washing area), detergent and sponge, and one cart per site for carrying your belongings (free of charge). Dishwashing liquid, sponge, and scrubbing brush are provided at the washing area.
  • Cooking utensils such as kitchen knives, cutting boards, and tableware are not rented or sold in the park, so please bring your own on the day of the BBQ.
  • Charcoal for fuel is sold at the Seabreeze Entrance gate. (Charcoal 3 kg (for 3 to 5 people) and 1 ignition material: 700 yen including tax)
  • There is a soft drink vending machine in the BBQ Plaza. (Alcohol is not sold at the vending machines in the park.)


Use of Fire

  • Use of fire is limited to the BBQ Plaza in the park. Open fires and bonfires are strictly prohibited.
  • Only charcoal can be used as fuel in the cooking stove of each BBQ site. Wood, dead branches, etc. cannot be used.
    To extinguish the charcoal fire, put the charcoal in the fire extinguishing jar provided at each BBQ site or washing place. Do not sprinkle water over the charcoal.
  • If bringing your own equipment (including fuel), you can use the BBQ grill (only charcoal can be used) and the burner (for white gas and LPG gas). Please prepare small ones with long stands for camping and use on the terrace or at the block area of the BBQ site. Please refrain from use on the table or on the lawn.
  • When using a portable gas cassette stove, please follow the instructions and use carefully. The following are strictly prohibited: use of charcoal, two or more cassette stoves side by side, large pots and large iron plates, and items other than those provided.
  • Use of large propane gas and equipment that uses large propane gas is prohibited. Use and bringing-in of gas for burners and portable gas cassette stoves exceeding the capacity suitable for the equipment are prohibited.


Precautions for Use

  • Please note that minors (under 20 years old) must be accompanied by an adult (20 years or older).
  • One iron plate and cart for carrying belongings (one per site) are provided free of charge (excluding the bring-your-own BBQ site). Please bring your own ingredients, cooking utensils, plates, fuel (charcoal), etc.
  • The BBQ Plaza is basically an outdoor facility. None of the BBQ sites has a rain roof, except for the group-type site.
  • Please note that sites may become flooded in rainy weather. You might be asked to move to another site, or you may be unable to use the site in some cases.
  • There are no staff on site at the BBQ Plaza. Everything from the preparation of charcoal to cleaning up is self-service.
  • Cars are not allowed inside the park. Please use the free cart provided (one per site) at the Seabreeze Entrance/Kaze no Gate to carry your belongings. Please return the cart to the Kaihinguchi Gate on your way home. We recommend that you bring your own cart for convenience.
  • The tables and chairs at each BBQ site are fixed in place. For your convenience, we recommend that you bring a tent/tarp (up to 2 x 2 m = 4 m² per site, secure with pegs when installing, please refrain from tying to trees), leisure seats, foldable chairs, etc.
  • Use of stoves, etc. is allowed, but do not use on the tables or lawn.
  • The BBQ sites do not have a power supply, so electric appliances cannot be used.
  • Wash iron plates after use and return in a clean state to the locker.
  • Please separate the garbage into the designated garbage bins for burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, empty cans, and cardboard.
  • No bottles are allowed.
  • Guests who are driving are strictly prohibited from drinking.
  • Please check here for forbidden items in the park.