By car

From Tokyo

Joban Expressway – Kita-Kanto Expressway – Hitachinaka Toll Road

Hitachi Seaside Park IC very close


From Tohoku areas

Joban Expressway

Approx. 15 kilometers from Hitachi Minami Ota IC

Approx. 13 kilometers from Tokai Smart IC


Please note:
*Tokai Smart IC cannot be used for middle, large, and specail large vehicles.
*There is another route from Naka IC.



Transportation in High Seasons

The Hitachi Seaside Park IC might be jammed with cars. To avoid the traffic jam, please use
Nakaminato Port IC (without additional charges) to get to the West Parking. (After getting off the expressway from Nakaminato Port IC, go down and head for North Quay and Hitachinaka Port.) You’ll find the sign for Hitachi Seaside Park.

  • he toll fee between Hitachinaka IC and Hitachi Seaside Park IC is 100 yen for ordinary cars, and driving between Hitachi Seaside Park IC and Hitachinaka Port IC is for free.
  • The detour from Nakaminato Port to West Parking is about 3.7 kilometers long.
To Get to Hitachi Seaside Park

If you park your car at the West Parking lot, it is recommended to get off the expressway at Nakaminato Port IC as a detour. The route is shown on the map below and go on according to the red arrows.


To back home

When there is a traffic jam, using Hitachinaka IC to get on the expressway as a detour is recommended. The detour is indicated on the map with red arrows and head for Hitachinaka Port IC.


  • For your safety, following driving rules is important, for example, do not break into a line or do not turn abruptly at an intersection. At a merging point, please a spirit of mutual concessions prevents traffic accidents.
  • Do not park your cars at other commercial facilities’ parking lots. Parking on the roadsides is illegal.


Parking Availability

During high seasons extra temporal parking lots are prepared.

  • If the parking is full, availability will be shown.
  • Do not park your cars at other commercial facilities’ parking lots.
  • The Seabreeze Entrance Parking is prioritized for BBQ visitors who made advance BBQ reservations.




Please use the public transportation if possible because traffic jam would happen during the high seasons.