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If you live in Ibaraki Prefecture, what city do you live in?

Have you ever been to Hitachi Seaside Park?*Required

What place is Hitachi Seaside Park like to you? If you have never been here, what particular purpose do you have when visiting the park?*Required

What place or facility do you like best in Hitachi Seaside Park?*Required

Which do you like better, nemophila or kochia?*Required


Other than nemophila and kochia, what flower seen in Hitachi Seaside Park do you like best?*Required

The reason why you like the flower:

What kind of events do you want Hitachi Seaside Park to host?*Required

What kind of food or snacks do you want to eat at a café or stalls in the park?*Required

What kind of flowers or plants would you like to see in the park?*Required

What kind of information do you need to get on our website or through our SNS?*Required

What kind of websites do you like and usually visit? Could you tell us the name of them and why do you like them?*Required

Website name:
I like it because:

(For example, the website is frequently updated, the design is good, their blogs and SNS articles are interesting, or I like the facility etc.)

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